TruView™ is a unified solution for Application-aware Network Performance Management. TruView embeds the most important data sources such as packet, transaction, NetFlow/IPFIX, and SNMP and presents analytics in a time correlated single dashboard view. These correlated views will help you to quickly see how well the infrastructure is transporting applications and how well those applications are performing in context of the end user’s experience. And, TruView’s integrated 10 Gbps full line rate stream-to-disk packet capture ensures you’ll never miss an important event again, as verified by theTolly Group independent performance test.



• Simple workflows allow you to quickly and easily understand problem domain and pinpoint root cause

• Automated application discovery speeds setup and ongoing management – Racked to Reporting in under 30 minutes.



• Self-learning baselines help you understand what’s normal even at remote sites

• See how well your network, applications and devices are performing through time correlated views



• Single appliance embeds and correlates all elements of the most important data sources such as packet, flow, SNMP and API data

• Monitor and troubleshooting everything from VoIP to Citrix to NTier transactions all through a single pane of glass


TruView can be deployed as an individual appliance or as part of a distributed configuration for larger environments. TruView appliances offer a new level of functional flexibility, allowing them to be deployed in optimized configurations for packet monitoring, flow collection, or both.


TruView Recognized by Leading Analyst Firms

Recipient of Frost & Sullivan’s Product Innovation Leadership Award and Best Hybrid ANPM Solution in Enterprise Management Associate’s Radar Report, l TruView is leading the way in a new, emerging method of monitoring, troubleshooting, and analyzing both network and application systems commonly referred to as Application Aware Network Performance Management (AANPM). AANPM takes data from both APM and NPM to create cross-platform visibility that enables all branches of IT to ensure high performance delivery of critical business applications


Datasheet please download here.


  • Next generation response time

    TruView’s Next Generation Response Time Measurement uniquely isolates performance problems down to the delay imposed by the Client, Server, Application, and Network so you can quickly identify where problems are rooted. Additionally, TruView is the only AANPM solution that can accurately measure EURT of Hybrid Cloud applications from the data center, without any cloud instrumentation.


    Automated Network Discovery & Path Analysis

    TruView users gain the ability to track the path between end user and server as well as the health of devices along that path. When TruView identifies a network response time issue, path analysis is leveraged to identify the Layer 2 and Layer 3 path taken by end users, with visibility into the utilization, errors and discards along that path.


    Capacity Planning

    WAN utilization and traffic profiling has never been easier than with TruView’s automated Capacity Planning reporting engine. Just filter on the network interfaces of interest and TruView provides you with easy to understand views of how long, or not, any given interface has been over or under-utilized. The utilization information is based upon 60 second granularity across an entire year assuring you of an accurate depiction of network utilization, leading to more informed infrastructure investments.


    Advanced Transaction Analysis

    Built-in application transaction analyzers provides out of the box support for Web, Citrix, SQL, Oracle, CIFS, XML and over 1000 other applications.TruView provides the most granular view of performance allowing you to visualize transactions and their N-Tier dependencies to help you understand what tier is affecting application performance.


    Unified Communications

    Gain one of a kind visibility into VoIP quality of experience with an easy to understand graphical depiction of the call, with drill down to understand the underlying degradation factors. TruView quickly identifies degradation factors such as Jitter, packet loss, latency, etc.


    Single UI

    Whether you leverage TruView as a single appliance that embeds five tools in one or deploy as a highly scalable distributed system, time correlated analytics across data sources displays in a standardized UI. Highly customizable dashboard views provide self-guided workflows pat- terned after a logical troubleshooting process making problem domain isolation and root cause identification possible in just 3 clicks!


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