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Product Information

High-Speed, Portable Network Tester

Delivers all test capabilities needed to install and maintain high-capacity networks

OneAdvisor 1000 Platform

  • • Extra long battery life at 400GE (>1.5 hrs)

    • Bit Errors are ‘normal’ at 400GE

    • As per 802.3, 2.4x10^-4 FEC warning alarm

    • Investment protection for future

    • ZR Support  

    • QSFP-DD and SFP-DD interfaces

    • Optics Self-Test to test QSFP-DD optics

    • Enhanced RFC 2544 & Y.1564 workflows

    • OTDR / OSA/OCC test support, add module on back

    • T1/E1 to 400G field upgrades available


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