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The LinkRunner AT offers user-configured auto-tests for a wide range of important tasks. This network tester’s quick cable test and switch identification facilitates fast problem isolation. Test results can be automatically uploaded to the Link-Live cloud service to improve collaboration between network engineers and technicians, creating greater job visibility, project control, and fleet management. Validate vital functions of copper or fiber Gigabit Ethernet links in less than 10 seconds with the comprehensive AutoTest.


Key Features:

• Discover nearest switch name and port information via CDP/LLDP/EDP and verify link speed/duplex and connectivity to TCP/IP network with AutoTest
• Validate up to 30W 802.3af/at PSE with TruePower™ loaded Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) test
• Verify twisted-pair cable length and wire-map
• Automate reporting and enable collaboration with result upload and management via Link-Live Cloud Service

NetAlly LinkRunner™ AT Network Auto-Tester

  • Discover Nearest Switch

    • Uses LLDP, CDP, and EDP
    • Displays nearest switch info:
    – Switch name and model
    – Switch chassis, slot and port#
    – Switch IP Address
    – VLANs supported
    – Duplex and speed
    – Signal Strength
    – Connection (MDI or MDI/X)
    – PoE voltage and power
    – Graphical representation of power on pairs


    Model 2000 vs 1000

    • Both models support AutoTest, switch test, and cable test.
    • Exclusive features on LinkRunner AT-2000:
    – Fiber (SFP) support
    – TruePower™ PoE power test up to 30W
    – IPv6 support
    – Reflector support
    – 50 reports
    – Li-ION rechargeable battery


    Cable Test

    • Locate cable runs with:
    – Analog and IntelliToneTM toning
    – Switch port advertisement
    – Switch port link light blinking
    – Remote cable identifiers
    • Check patch cables using built-in wiremap port
    • Easily find opens, shorts, miswires, and split pairs:
    – On non-terminated cable
    – With WireView cable identifier
    – With built-in wiremap port


    Reflector & Tools

    • End-to-end network path performance tests against NetAlly
    OneTouch AT to validate LAN and WAN throughput.
    • Can swap MAC and/or IP addresses



    • AutoTest results uploaded via Link-Live Cloud Service
    • Provide proof of performance
    • Better manage jobs and staff efficiency

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