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The LinkRunner 10G, is a cost-effective portable Ethernet tester for copper and fiber 10 Gig networks that simplifies validation and configuration, and streamlines workflows by combining essential functions into a single, portable, ruggedized unit.

LinkRunner® 10G Advanced Ethernet Tester

    • Install, test, verify, and troubleshoot Multi-Gig (NBASE-T) and 10G networks using advanced test apps and purpose-built hardware.
    • Layer 1-7 AutoTest helps technicians find network problems, while the periodic test mode monitors networks for intermittent issues, every minute for up to 24 hours.
    • Two LinkRunner 10G units can be used to test network performance, capacity, QoS, and service provider SLAs between sites.
    • The LANBERTTM Media Qualification app generates and measures line rate Ethernet frames over your network’s wired infrastructure (copper or fiber), qualifying its ability to support higher speeds.
    • Automatically discover devices in your network and generate topology maps* using Link-Live; identifies changes, uncovers security threats, and helps you keep documentation up-to-date.
    • Compatibility with standards-compliant SFPs enables testing and validation of wired media (copper or fiber) for various use cases.
    • Line-rate capture up to 10Gbps ensures no packets are lost.
    • Validate up to 90W 802.3bt with the TruePowerTM Power over Ethernet (PoE) test.
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