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The LinkIQ™ Cable+Network Tester is the testing solution to verify cable performance up to 10 Gb/s and solve network connectivity problems. LinkIQ validates cable performance using frequency-based measurements and provides distance to fault information along with a wire map of the cable under test. The LinkIQ also performs nearest switch diagnostics to identify key network issues and validate switch configuration eliminating the need of using another device. Additional features include Analog and Digital Toning, Port Blink, 802.1x authentication, Remote Office Locators, and the ability to manage results via LinkWare™ PC.


Cable Testing You Trust

The LinkIQ™ is capable of measuring lengths up to 1000 feet (305 m) and provides distance to faults such as opens, shorts, and unterminated cable. Using the remote ID allows for a complete wire map of the cable pairs which helps identify miswired and split pairs. The primary cable testing feature of LinkIQ™ is the LinkIQ™ Cable+Network Tester Page 1 of 10 DATASHEETcable performance test which qualifies the cabling bandwidth from 10BASE-T to 10GBASE-T (10 Mb/s up to 10 Gb/s). It performs these tests via frequencybased measurements. Using IEEE-standards-based measurements ensures that tested links meet performance requirements as opposed to transmission testers which only prove that the specific test devices can communicate over the link. Operators may set performance requirements from 10 Mb/s to 10 Gb/s for a simple pass/fail indication.


LinkIQ™ enables you to:

  • Find maximum cabling speed (Up to 10 Gb/s)
  • Install and troubleshoot PoE devices via Switch Negotiation and PoE Load Test
  • Identify connected switch information (Switch Name, Port Number, and VLAN)
  • Document your work through LinkWare™ PC

Fluke Networks LinkIQ™ Cable+Network Tester

  • Along with the robust cable testing features, the LinkIQ™ also provides detailed information on the nearest connected switch. The LinkIQ™ negotiates with the switch to identify the advertised data rate (up to 10GBASE-T), half/full duplex identification, the switch name, port number, and VLAN info.

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