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CyberScope offers comprehensive cyber security risk assessment, analysis and reporting for the site access layer in a single, powerful, portable tool – including endpoint and network discovery, wireless security, vulnerability assessment (Nmap), and segmentation and provisioning validation.


CYBERSCOPE® Handheld CyberSecurity Analyzer

  •  • Multi-technology: Wired Ethernet to line-rate 10 Gbps (copper and fiber), 2.4/5/6 GHz Wi-Fi 6, BT/BLE, RF Spectrum analysis (2.4/5 GHz).

    • Discovery: Combines scanning and active probing via five different network interfaces using multiple technologies to find and audit endpoints and network infrastructure elements.

    • AutoTest: Validates network connectivity and critical services (e.g., finds rogue DHCP and DNS servers) and others like HTTP/FTP using the power of Nmap scripting; WiFi analysis for channel, APs, SSIDs, BSSIDs, or clients. AirMapper and spectrum analysis.

    • Enables IT staff to effectively isolate critical assets through comprehensive network segmentation analysis (device, function, department or security requirement); query switch ports for correct provisioning, and capture traffic on suspicious activity for review.

    • Leverages the power of Nmap for endpoint assessment and vulnerabilities to identify threat vectors.e

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