Trying to pinpoint the source of Wi-Fi interference on a wireless network is hit or miss with the wrong tools. AirMagnet Spectrum XT is a Wi-Fi spectrum analyzer that offers a combined view of impact analysis of RF interference on the wireless network’s overall performance. This versatile solution is available in a universal USB form factor, and works on any Microsoft Windows notebook, netbook, or tablet PC.


Key Features:

• Simplify interference troubleshooting by eliminating the need to interpret squiggly lines or manually match classification patterns
• Locate any Wi-Fi or non-Wi-Fi interference sources operating in the RF environment with the built-in device locator tool
• Prioritize Wi-Fi interference troubleshooting activities and reduce time to locate and fix wireless network issues
• Secure the Wi-Fi network by inspecting No Wireless Zones and detecting intentional RF interference sources such as RF jammers

AirMagnet® Spectrum XT

  • Interference

    • Real-time detection and identification of non-Wi-Fi
    interference sources
    • Extensive device source list:
    – Bluetooth® devices
    – Cordless phones
    – Microwave ovens
    – Wireless game controllers
    – Digital video converters
    – Radar transmissions
    – RF jammers
    • Details on non-Wi-Fi interference sources
    • Built-in “device locator tool”


    Integration with AirMagnet Survey PRO

    • Perform RF spectrum surveys or sweeps
    • Conduct active or passive site surveys in parallel
    • Gain list of RF interference sources
    • Gain access to:
    – Channel power heat map
    – Interferer power/location heat map


    Diagnostic Views

    • Key graphs and charts:
    – Real-time FFT
    – Spectrum density
    – Spectrogram
    – Duty cycle
    – Event Spectrogram
    – Channel Power
    – Average power readings of interfering devices



    • Turn RF spectrum analysis into professional reports
    • Generate reports on current environment
    • Can be exported into:
    – Word – PDF
    – Excel – XML
    – CSV



    • Monitors for unique and repeating RF interference signals
    • Create customized signatures for future alerting
    • Allows for fast “zero-day” response


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