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To assist you in obtaining funding from the “D-Biz Remote Business Programme”

Up to HKD $300,000 funding

Affected by the epidemic, the Innovation and Technology Bureau has launched a six-month “D-Biz Remote Business Programme” that involves 500 million Hong Kong dollars to support enterprises by using innovation and technology to continue to operate and provide services during the outbreak. Each information technology solution, together with employee training expenditure, is funded up to HKD $100,000, and each company can apply for up to three solutions (up to a total of HKD $300,000 funding).


We are now launching solutions for remote IT work, providing remote network management and troubleshooting tools, and wired or wireless network security management solutions, allowing you to solve network management and troubleshooting easily.

Applicant Qualification

  • Private companies (excluding listed companies, statutory agencies and non-governmental organizations that receive government public funding)

  • Hold a valid business registration certificate issued by the Hong Kong government

  • Substantial business operations in industries related to the application projects that have been run and submitted applications before 1st Jan 2020

  • Intentional use of network or remote tools to develop and handle business tasks

  • It is planned to accept business applications from 9am on 18th May 2020 to 6pm on 31st Oct 2020

  • For details of the programme, please refer to the D-Biz website of the Productivity Bureau

Application Process

  1. Prepare application documents (PDF copy of valid business registration certificate + documents to prove that business is still running after 2020).

  2. Submit the application form to the Administrator.

  3. Takes approx. 10 working days to complete the approval.

  4. Once the application is approved, the company will receive a 30% funding. After the project is completed and the supporting documents are accepted, the remaining amount of funding will be granted.

  5. If the approved funding does not exceed HKD $30,000, there is no need to submit the project revenue and expenditure prepared by an independent auditor.


We are now launching 3 solutions for remote IT network:

Solution (A) Remote Network Management and Troubleshooting

Solution (B) Remote Wireless Network Troubleshooting - Wireless Network Tester

Solution (C) Remote Wired Network Troubleshooting - Wired Network Tester

Solution A

Remote IT Network Management and Troubleshooting - EtherScope™ nXG Portable Network Tool

  • EtherScope™ nXG

  • Support mobile network tablet or laptop (optional)

  • Desktop computer (optional)

  • Training and annual technical support

Solution B

Remote Wireless Network Troubleshooting - AirCheck™ G2 Wireless Network Tester

  • AirCheck™ G2 Wireless Network Tester

  • Support mobile network tablet or laptop (optional)

  • Desktop computer (optional)

  • Training and annual technical support

Solution C

Remote Wired Network Troubleshooting - LinkRunner® G2 Intelligent Network Tester

  • LinkRunner®G2 Intelligent Network Tester

  • Support mobile network tablet or laptop (optional)

  • Desktop computer (optional)

  • Training and annual technical support

Contact us immediately to assist apply for the "D-Biz Remote Business Programme".

Tel: 3188-1303


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